The Great Beers Of Belgium Michael James Jackson

ISBN: 9781853752773


328 pages


The Great Beers Of Belgium  by  Michael James Jackson

The Great Beers Of Belgium by Michael James Jackson
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Belgium is to beer what Burgandy and Bordeaux are to wine. With an introduction about Belgium and its traditions, Michael Jackson takes us on a tour of its ancient regions, such as Flanders and Brabant, and places the various brewing traditions in their local contexts. He describes the time honoured traditional ingredients: water- the yeasts- the hops- the varieties of barley and the various brewing techniques.

He then takes the reader round the famous breweries, frequently monasteries, and the styles - lambic, gueuze, kriek, framboise, brown beers, wheat beers, fruit beers, the famous trappoist and other abbey beers, and golden ales.

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