The Loathsome Couple Edward Gorey

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64 pages


The Loathsome Couple  by  Edward Gorey

The Loathsome Couple by Edward Gorey
| Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 64 pages | ISBN: 9780396073796 | 6.19 Mb

I assume this is about the Moors Murders, but I cant be sure. Anyway, its super-effed and pretty to look at all at the same time, because thats just what Edward Gorey does in his spare time, his work time, and all the time. His presentation seems on the surface to be icy-cold, but I dunno...I think maybe theres a reason for that.

Almost as if making a stage-show-esque comedy out of the most horrifying of deeds can actually cast an interesting light on how numb we are to the ever-swelling gross underbelly of the world, the prevalence of violent crime, and how hard it can be to actually feel physically shocked in this day n age of bad and worse.

Interesting, worth a gander, cool sketches, sickening story, etc. Yup, thats all Ive got.

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